Can I Crack My Own Back?

Can I crack my own back | Thrive Chiropractic

“My headaches were chronic until I cracked my own neck!”

“My Hernia forced me to miss work until I started cracking my own back!”

Stop it. These are all great testimonials…that I have NEVER heard of. Yet, as a chiropractor, I will occasionally meet someone who, after learning that I practice chiropractic, makes the comment of “Oh, that’s nice. I usually crack my own neck”. This inspired me to focus on this question: Is cracking my own neck/back the same as getting THRIVE Chiropractic Care? No.

When you crack your own spine, the joints you are actually “cracking” are supported by ligaments that are too thin, not the areas of the spine that are locked up and causing you pain or stiffness. So, you’re never really fixing the problem – but instead releasing the gasses, stretching ligaments and lubricating joints that are already too stretched out. Each time you manipulate your own joints, you are causing your ligaments to stretch.

When you stretch a rubber band too many times, it loses it’s shape and can become unstable and could even snap.

Your ligaments function the same way.

When you continually stretch them by cracking your own back, they no longer provide the structure and stability that the joints in your neck or back need to maintain proper alignment. This can lead to a whole list of secondary complaints including headaches, brain fog, neck pain, tingling in the arm or hands, decrease mobility of the arms, stiffness, tightness…

Cracking your own neck/back may feel good temporarily, but since it can create long-term structural problems in your back and neck, it’s NOT worth the risk.

A good Chiropractor will take the time to perform a thorough examination to determine which areas of the spine are hypo mobile (locked-up) and which areas of the spine are hyper mobile (too loose).

Take Away: A spine that is functioning normally has the ability to heal and maintain proper function without relying on constant manipulation.

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