Our preparations for Pride 2022 are in full swing – and we’re especially excited to announce that prizes this year will be supported by lululemon and FUL®.

BONUS: We’re offering FREE Small Group Training Classes *glittered in throughout our week. Sign up for them FAST before they reach capacity. To register, visit our schedule below and look for “Pride Rainbow Class” options (you can use the sort tool under “All group activities” if desired). Once you find the class(es) you want, fill out the checkout details and enter promo code “PRIDE22” to receive your discount!  What is Pride 2022? Visit pride.amsterdam to learn more!


*glittered in throughout our week

Thursday, July 28th
18:30 and 19:30 (Posture/Erect Small Group Class led by Gijs from our amazing partner – Wijs)
8 spots per class (16 in total)

Monday, August 01
11:00 (Postnatal)
12:00 (Landmine)
17:00 (Functional Movement)

Tuesday, August 02
9:00 (Landmine)
19:00 (Landmine)

Wednesday, August 03
7:00 (Landmine)
18:00 (Powerlifting)

Thursday, August 04
12:00 (Functional Training)
17:00 (Cross-Training)

Friday, August 05
9:00 (Landmine)
18:00 (Powerlifting)