How Long Before I See Results?

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Healing is individual and there are many contributing factors.

Chiropractic is similar to exercise…one work out does not get you in shape, and typically neither does one adjustment.

While we are similar in our anatomical make-ups, we all have had different life experiences that greatly impact our health. Because of this, it is difficult to determine the amount of care that will be necessary without all the pertinent details acquired by a Comprehensive Chiropractic Examination.

However, based on our years of clinical experience, we have seen some clients experience results almost instantaneously, while most start to notice significant changes within the first 3-6 weeks of their care. 

Your individualized care plan will be based on the severity of the structural dysfunctions in your spine and your individual health goals.

Once we have the proper diagnosis, we begin the process of correcting your Structural Dysfunctions and re-programming. The spinal adjustment, is defined as the physical action to restore the biomechanics of the vertebral column and indirectly influence neurologic function. This allows for reprogramming of muscle contractions and healing of damaged ligaments. Often, multiple adjustments are needed, as the body requires time to heal and re-program. This process includes:

1. Structural Alignment
2. Mobility
3. Break-up of Adhesions
4. Corrective & Strengthening Exercises
5. Lifestyle modifications (ie. ergonomics, pillows, lifting techniques, etc).

Following your Initial Phase of Care, we will perform a Complimentary Re-examination with our diagnostic tools to monitor your progress and determine future action steps.