If I’ve Gotten Relief, Do I Need To Keep Coming Forever?


No, unless you want to continue improving your health.

Think about anything in your life you want to work properly…your house, your car, your teeth, your muscles. You could easily stop taking care of them, too, but you’ll probably experience a gradual decline in how they work. Your spine and nervous system are no different. Many of our client’s include chiropractic care in their lifestyle to be as healthy as possible.

Being symptom-free does NOT necessarily mean that healing has completed or that your spine is in optimal alignment. Our goal is not just to provide relief but to create a situation where the spinal stresses that created the issue are minimized.

Our assessment includes objective measures that are independent from your subjective symptoms. Thus, it is best to be assessed periodically to ensure that if things have shifted & a correction can be made to prevent your body from being accustomed to a misaligned state which could lead to spinal deterioration and/or pain.