Forward Head Posture

Butterfly Life Cycle

Before caterpillars turn into butterflies they curl up into cocoons and await their transformation. I’m currently awaiting my transformation: I’m curled up and typing on my smartphone, and the dull, shooting pain in my neck and shoulders feels like a punishment from nature. When will I get my wings?

Forward Head Posture (FHP) is a killer. It kills productivity, comfort, mobility, and has long-term damaging effects on spinal health.

It’s often the result of the physiologically incorrect use of technology—like smartphones and desktop computers . It can also result from hobbies like knitting, or, more generally, poorly developed back strength. It is estimated that 66-90% of the population suffers from it.

But here’s the good news: at Thrive Chiropractic Amsterdam we utilize corrective chiropractic treatments in combination with corrective exercises at home to minimize FHP’s effects, and help you unleash your inner butterfly. We seek to address and correct problems like FHP and work to undo the long-term physiological effects—and their painful and debilitating symptoms, by slowly improving the body’s accumulated structural breakdown (through chiropractic therapies and corrective exercises).

There are adjustments you can make in your everyday life to begin to minimize the impact of FHP: you can adjust your computer screen to eye-level and hold your smartphone at eye-level when using it. You can carry a backpack over both shoulders instead of a bag or purse on one; you can use a recommended neck pillow.

After prioritizing your health through manageable therapeutic interventions—and keeping email and cat videos safely at eye-level—you can emerge from your bent-out-of-shape cocoon as a new-and-improved butterfly.

Come into Thrive Chiropractic Amsterdam today for a complete examination of your postural and structural discrepancies, we would be happy to help you.


For starters, check out this video for a strengthening exercise which can augment chiropractic therapy, to lessen the effects of FHP.