How is Thrive’s Approach Different From Other Health Care Providers?

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Patch it or fix it?

If you think of the spine like a foundation of a house, you realize that weakness in the foundation can change the structure of the entire house. Walls begin to crack, doors and windows become deviated & won’t close properly, and floors become uneven and begin to creak.

You can make cosmetic repairs, but sooner or later you’ll have to address the foundation, otherwise, the problems will return again … … and again… and again… And suddenly, instead of achieving true correction, we’re relying on chiropractic to be much more like a natural (and sometimes expensive) form of pain medication.

At THRIVE Chiropractic, rather than constantly patching up the damaged areas, we’ve chosen to focus on correcting the “underlying foundation” so that your spine reaches as much of its normal structure and function as possible.

There’s a wide variety of options offered by both medical and alternative practitioners that are focused on pain and symptom (collateral damage) relief, and they do an excellent job.

You may start with a pain medication, which turn off pain receptors or decrease the symptoms – a quick (potentially temporary) fix. If that does not work, possibly some physical therapy to strengthen muscular weaknesses, address muscular spasms, or increase mobility. The Thai massage and Manual Therapist are unable to resolve the core problem with their random manual adjustments. Potentially, injection protocols could be utilized to calm the site of pain. When all prove to be ineffective, more invasive procedures like surgery or higher dosages of pain medication may be recommended.

All of these treatment programs can prove to be effective in the appropriate time and place but have different goals. At THRIVE Chiropractic, our goal is to address the CORE problem, not just the collateral damage (symptoms).

To correct the postural issues of the spine you can NOT rely solely on chiropractic. In the same breath, you can NOT only rely solely on sport training, stretching, physical therapy, mindfulness, psychology or pain medication to correct the structural dysfunctions of your spine.

If your personal trainer is telling you that the sports training you are doing is enough to protect your spine – they are misinformed.

If your physical therapist thinks that muscular work and exercise is all you need – they are doing you a MAJOR dis-service.

If your physical therapist thinks that muscular work and exercise is all you need – they are doing you a MAJOR dis-service.

Protection is both a component of your practice and a reward. At Thrive Chiropractic, we can only provide you with a plan on what your body needs from our objective examination, treatments, and the years of science and knowledge that come from correcting structural dysfunctions of the spine. We then try to give you proper referrals to other therapists & exercises (trainers, physio’s, mindfulness course, nutrition, etc.), to help you on your journey.