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Nutrition & Lifestyle

At Thrive Lifestyle and Nutrition, we look at your unique health history and the signs and symptoms you are presenting with to get to the root cause of the DIS-EASE in your body. We use nutrition, lifestyle changes, targeted supplements, and functional labs testing (as needed) to bring the body back into optimal balance and vitality.


90% of current physical ailments stem from our lifestyle. Only 10% is hereditary! We move too little, sit in the wrong position behind a screen for long periods and eat completely different food than what our body was originally designed for. In addition, we are poorly aware of what is good for us. You can achieve so much with just simple lifestyle adjustments. We’ve experienced it and we are happy to help you!


Today’s Western diet is very different from what our body needs. We eat too often and we eat too much high-calorie food with poor nutrients, including certain vitamins and minerals. This can contribute to a variety of complaints, from chronic fatigue to rheumatoid arthritis. We will look for the cause of your complaints, look at your eating pattern and give you specific advice tailored to you as a unique individual.


Humans are not built for a sedentary life. Yet this is what many of us do most of the day – especially with the recent drastic shift to remote working. The result is physical discomfort and weight gain.

We help you to become healthier, feel fitter, lose weight and live free. We make an exercise plan including what time of the day you can best exercise and what exercises you can do to optimize your results.

Health checks

How healthy am I? And what action steps can I take if I want to live a healthier life? To answer these questions we use a number of smart tests and questionnaires to objectively see how your body is performing. If necessary, in consultation with you, we carry out additional testing. We use the results for your personal health plan.

Schedule & booking

Trouble finding times that suit your schedule, give us call & we’ll see what we can do.